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Continuous healing through fitness.

WarriorWOD prioritizes exercise and nutrition as a leading prescription in veterans' PTSD recovery.  

Our Impact

Helping veterans overcome daily challenges. 

Many of our U.S. military veterans face daily challenges, often these challenges are a result of their service to the nation.  These visible and invisible wounds impact both mental and physical health.

WarriorWOD was founded by a combat-wounded veteran who personally struggled with several wounds and has aided recovery via several fitness therapeutic processes. WarriorWOD aims to reach out to veterans and ensure they receive the help they need.

The benefits of physical fitness for mental health are abundant and WarriorWOD is dedicated to providing greater care to our veterans.

Mental Health: Exercise is a natural and effective way to help veterans with decreasing depression and anxiety. Research indicates that exercise can reduce psychological distress by 47%.   In the end, our emotions are all chemicals in the brain. When our veterans exercise, their bodies release chemicals called endorphins.  Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body.   Exercise also helps to improve cognitive functioning including decision making, learning, and mental focus.

Physical Health
Whether or not you have PTSD, regular exercise has a number of benefits. It can contribute to many positive physical health outcomes, such as improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, and greater flexibility and mobility. Studies on PTSD also found that physical activity significantly reduced depressive and PTSD symptoms.

Nutrition: Nutition plays a vital role in the reduction of PTSD symptoms.  A regular diet in refined or processed foods and saturated fats increased the likelihood of depression by 50%​. There is a 30% reduction in the risk for major depression and anxiety disorders by adults who consume a diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and meat and fish. Eating two or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day provides an 11% higher likelihood of good functional health.  

CommunityMental health can be improved through socialization.  Being a part of a fitness class, gym, or exercise group can lead to new friends and forming bonds.  A  better social life can improve your mental health, especially if you're dealing with depress. Having a connection with like-minded veterans that have once or currently are dealing with invisible wounds provides veterans an outlet to talk openly about their struggles, provides empathy, and leads to recovery. ​ As increased self-esteem and reduction of anxiety leads to improved social well-being.  Further, exercising can lead to meeting new people and developing relationships.  

Through your donation and support, we can positively impact the mental health of our veterans.  They have served, now it is time for us to serve them.  Support our cause and make a donation here.

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WarriorWOD Programs

Support through various programs.

We will support our veterans through fitness and scholarships combined with accountability. 


Physical Fitness

Provide veterans gym memberships, fitness classes, and coaching at no cost to the veteran.  



Local, Regional, and Online Events and Competitions throughout the year to promote camaraderie, growth, and wellness.



Veterans will meet with their nutrition coach every two weeks to discuss eating habits, macro intake over the period, goals, weight gain/loss, body image, and healthy eating.



Every veteran we assist will also have a battle buddy who can help stay the course, set goals, and push to new limits.



Apply for a scholarship or one for another veteran

We aim to fight for fitness and community and fight against isolation, stagnation, and suicide. We are better through fitness, and we are better together.


We’d love to set up a national system where veterans have all the support and guidance they need to live happy, healthy, successful lives and we’re on our way to building it – but we need your help! Right now, we only have the capability to work with a small percentage of the veterans that need us. But with your generous donation, that number climbs every day.


Your financial gift will be used in the most effective, powerful way possible to orchestrate programs, launch fitness events, and build remedies that our struggling service people will depend on. Every single year we save lives, restore hope, and make America stronger by helping one hero at a time. If you believe our mission is a worthy cause, please join our ranks as a contributor. Even a few dollars can be life-changing.


From the bottom of our hearts – thank you for being a caring citizen and an ally of our armed forces.

Phil Palmer,
Marine Corps Veteran and founder of WarriorWOD

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Host a Throwdown for Veterans

WarriorWOD Volunteers are individuals who are interested in supporting Veterans by offering their time or talent to spread the mission of WarriorWOD.