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Our Misson, Vision, & Core Values

We are a voice for veterans.

Committed to reducing the impact of veterans mental and physical wounds through fitness.

Our Mission

Committed to serving our veterans.

WarriorWOD is committed to reducing the impact of Veterans' mental and physical wounds through fitness programs to empower our veterans to realize their full potential, confidence, and self-worth. 

WarriorWOD - Veteran nonprofit organization healing mental and physical wounds from combat through fitness.

Our Vision

Prioritize veteran health through fitness.

A nation that understands and prioritizes Veterans’ fitness as a leading prescription of combat's mental and physical wounds, providing them the quality of life they have earned through services for our country. 

Our Core Values

WarriorWOD fundamental belief to do right by combat wounded veterans by advocating for their physical and mental well being.

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Semper Fidelis – the motto of the US Marine Corps – means “always faithful.”It doesn’t say “faithful until the battle’s over” nor “faithful until I hand in my rifle and buy a house in the suburbs.”It means we support each other forever. And in WarriorWOD, that’s what we’re doing.



We’re a voice for veterans. Americans love to say that they “support our troops,” but when the rubber meets the road, more people would rather just slap on bumper stickers than stand up and be a patriot. We’re a voice for veterans when they need it most. They’ve all earned the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and we’re ensuring that they get it.



The United States is a place where we protect each other. Just as iron sharpens iron, we too must protect our protectors.



The collective is stronger than each piece on its own. Through partnerships, sponsors, and our popular Battle Buddy System, we support our veterans while also inspiring them to support each other.
Meet The Team

Founded by those with like minds. Learn more about the board of directors by clicking here.

Phil Palmer | Executive Director

Phil Palmer

Executive Director, WarriorWOD

USMC Veteran

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Matthew Steele


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Joseph Shusko


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Tessa Palmer


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Justin Riccio