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WarriorWOD Announces Virtual Team Competition to support Veterans recovery from invisible wounds.

The virtual team fitness competition to support veterans' recovery from invisible wounds is named ‘I Got Your 6’ or ‘IGY6’ and is designed to reduce the impact of physical and mental wounds on veterans during National PTSD Awareness month.

WarriorWOD Foundation is a nonprofit that supports veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTS) and other invisible wounds from combat. The foundation prioritizes exercise, nutrition, and mentorship as prescriptions for recovery. It has scheduled a virtual team fitness competition for them to mark the National PTSD Awareness in June.

“WarriorWOD is committed to reducing the impact of veterans' mental and physical wounds through fitness programs to empower our veterans to realize their full potential, confidence, and self-worth,” said Philip Palmer, Executive Director of WarriorWOD. “The prevalence of "invisible wounds" among the veteran population is growing, and the lack of a scar doesn't make mental health concerns any less critical. Thirty percent of veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS), and six million veterans live and suffer from all invisible wounds. Approximately, 22 veterans take their own lives each day. Further, there are 30 additional veterans that lose their lives from substance abuse, including prescription medicines, alcohol, and illegal drugs each day. The standard prescription for PTS by the Veterans Affairs system is antidepressants and brief periods of therapy. However, veteran PTS, employment, and suicide statistics demonstrate that mental and physical health is not accessible for veterans and their families through pharmaceutical and traditional VA methods.”

WarriorWOD understands and prioritizes veterans' fitness as a leading prescription of combat's mental and physical wounds, providing them with the quality of life they have earned through services for the country. IGY6 will have M/M and F/F team options across RX, Masters, and Scale divisions. The cost is $120 per team and will include a T-Shirt for both athletes. Additionally, the team at WarriorWOD is also working to include additional gift bags, swag, and vendor discounts.

WarriorWOD's virtual team competition is already open for registration. IGY6 starts Friday, June 24, and scores must be submitted by Monday, June 27 at 9 pm PST.

This is not the first time WarriorWOD Foundation has hosted a program geared towards veterans’ fitness. In November of 2021, it held an event called the Throwdown for Veterans that had 105 participants, ten gyms across the country hosted, and helped the foundation raise nearly close to $3000. Support for WarriorWOD’s Foundation programs will go a long way in helping veterans improve the quality of their lives and make the most out of it.

Statistically, veterans in general struggle with severe health issues as well. They are often more obese and have higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, skin cancer, cancer, and COPD. Through WarriorWOD’s Foundation programs, veterans will achieve the following outcomes: improvement of quality of life, reduction of PTS symptoms, improved social and occupational functioning, improved self-worth, improved motivation, and improved confidence.

For companies willing to support the ‘I Got Your 6’ program, please visit Also, interested individuals looking to donate to the program but, not wanting to compete can visit

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