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Athletes fundraising for WarriorWOD Compete for a Cause

Compete for a Cause: Take Action Now to Change a Veteran's Life Forever

Veterans Across the Nation Are Battling Invisible Wounds. Your Gym Can Be Their Lifeline. Be Their Hope.

Soldier sufferring in silence WarriorWOD PTSD recovery

Transforming Lives with Exercise, Nutrition, and Mentorship

The Silent Suffering of Our Heroes

Every day, veterans return from service facing challenges that are often unseen and unheard. The battlefield may be thousands of miles away, but a different kind of battle rages on in their minds and souls. Every year, an average of 6,100 veterans lose this battle to suicide, and 20 die each day from substance abuse.

WarriorWOD Fundraiser Compete for a Cause helping veterans recover from Post Traumatic Stress PTSD

Transforming Lives with Exercise, Nutrition, and Mentorship

Your gym’s support could tip the scale.

The disturbing statistics above aren't just numbers—they are fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons. Every empty chair is a missed dinner, a silent birthday, an empty space at the holiday table. When you break it down, each weekend marks multiple lost opportunities to save lives. These aren't faceless individuals; they are members of your community, and they are running out of time.

We have the resources to help, but without immediate funding from programs like "Compete for a Cause," we are fighting with one arm tied behind our backs.

Athletes fundraising for WarriorWOD "Compete for a Cause" helping veterans recover from PTSD



Host a donation workout or local competition at your gym to raise money for Veterans. 100% of the proceeds go to support Veterans in need.

Bring your athletes together to support our Veterans in need. Not only will it benefit the Veterans, but it will also benefit your gym's community.  

Your fundraising will provide funds for veterans' recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress by paying for their gym memberships, nutrition coaching, and mentorship for veterans.  

How your Fundraising will help our Veterans.

$250         Provides 1 Veteran with a Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coaching

$500         Provides a Veteran with a 6-month gym membership

$1,500      Provides a Veteran with a gym membership, accountability, and nutrition coaching

$3,000      Provides 2 Veterans with a gym membership, accountability, and nutrition coaching

Compete for a Cause: Your Action, Their Salvation

WarriorWOD presents "Compete for a Cause," an unmissable opportunity for gyms across the nation to make an immediate, life-saving impact. By hosting in-house competitions, donation workouts, and other events, you're not just building community and camaraderie within your gym—you're giving our heroes a fighting chance.

What’s In It For Gyms?


Community Engagement:

By aligning your gym with a cause as meaningful as supporting veterans, you'll cultivate a community that's about more than just personal gains and losses. You'll attract members who are not only interested in improving themselves but also in improving the lives of others, building a much stronger and deeply connected community.


Positive PR

Joining "Compete for a Cause" boosts your gym's image and earns media attention. You'll be seen as a socially responsible business, building brand loyalty and customer engagement. It's not just good PR; it's a story of real impact.


New Members:

Hosting "Compete for a Cause" events can draw new faces to your gym. The social impact appeals to value-driven individuals, expanding your customer base. It's more than a gym; it's a community for good.


Change Lives, Save Lives:

ou'll directly contribute to saving lives by raising funds that will go toward vital resources and programs for veterans. Every dollar you help raise will be a step toward reducing the troubling statistics of veteran suicide and substance abuse-related deaths.

How it Works:

  1. Sign Up: Click below to register your gym—takes only 5 minutes.

  2. Host: Conduct a weekend competition or workout. We provide all the necessary promotional materials, from digital flyers to social media kits.

  3. Make an Impact: Funds raised go directly to providing immediate resources for veterans, from mentorship programs to essential recovery treatments.


"Since we started hosting 'Compete for a Cause' events, not only has our membership grown, but the bond within our fitness community has strengthened. Knowing we're making a real difference in the lives of veterans fills us with a sense of pride and purpose that’s priceless."- Jane, Gym Owner

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